Gaza: Small Step Towards Better Health

May 6, 2019

Gaza: Small Step Towards Better Health

IOCC’s new health and nutrition project in Gaza is underway. The programming offers basic health screening to identify and treat children who have micronutrient deficiencies and to refer them to specialists as needed. Malnutrition rates in Gaza are very high for children under age 6, so the work focuses on 12 partner kindergartens in underserved neighborhoods.

Implemented by Peace Winds Japan and IOCC with support from the Japan Platform, the project also offers health and nutrition education to parents, while training educators in basic health screening so that they can better serve their communities.

In January 2019, over 1,190 children were screened; those who needed specialized care were referred to. The teachers and staff at the 12 kindergartens attended workshops to learn screening methods, and the teachers also received first-aid training.

In all, this work is helping protect small children from the negative health effects of long-term malnutrition, while increasing community knowledge among the adults who care for them.