Lebanon: Shots for Strength

December 27, 2018

Lebanon: Shots for Strength

Bilal fearlessly receives his immunization, setting an example for other kids in his family and neighborhood.

Karim (10) and Bilal (13) are brothers who share a love for life and sports. A fan of boxing, Karim aims to stay as healthy as possible and to be a champion athlete one day. Not to be outdone by his younger sibling, Bilal has similar ambitions.

When IOCC’s mobile vaccination team visited their neighborhood in North Lebanon, Karim and Bilal were excited to receive vaccines to protect them from mumps and polio. They said they knew that getting vaccinated would help them stay strong and healthy. Their mother, Nour, was relieved to have this part of the boys’ health taken care of.

Karim (left) and Bilal are feeling strong after being vaccinated against mumps and polio.

IOCC, with support from UNICEF and in cooperation with the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health, is providing accelerated immunization activities against measles, polio, rubella, and mumps. The program aims to vaccinate about 100,000 children under age 15, regardless of nationality, in areas with the lowest coverage. The goal is to ensure that all children have an opportunity to receive vaccinations, helping prevent outbreaks of these dangerous childhood diseases.