Update on Myanmar and China Relief Efforts

IOCC has received over $40,000 in donations in support of relief efforts for Myanmar cyclone and China earthquake victims. IOCC has directed these funds to its fellow Action by Churches Together (ACT) International member organizations who are running relief operations in affected areas. In China, ACT member, Amity Foundation is distributing emergency supplies, including rice, cooking oil, quilts, and tarpaulins. Amity plans to provide 16,000 individuals with food sufficient to sustain them through the immediate shortage. IOCC is also directing Myanmar donations to ACT member organizations working in the capital of Yangon and the hard-hit Irrawady Delta region. ACT members are providing safe water to communities through the rehabilitation of 5,000 water points. They will also provide emergency shelter for approximately 340,000 people and 10 days of food aid for approximately 68,000 people. IOCC will continue to direct donations earmarked for Myanmar or China to ACT member organizations.