Service Leadership Conference for US Orthodox Christian Youth

The Next Generation: Leaders in Service

Serv-X-Treme is IOCC’s annual youth leadership program. Participants gather at a weeklong conference to cultivate a deeper understanding of Orthodox philanthropy and diakonia (service) through leadership-building activities, workshops, and hands-on service.

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IOCC’s US program will not be hosting the traditional Serv-X-Treme conference this year, but instead will hold home builds for conference alumni. Contact the US team at for more info. 


During this week-long conference, participants have the opportunity to:

  • forge new friendships with their pan-Orthodox peers and advisors
  • put their understanding of Orthodox philanthropy and diakonia (service) into practice with hands-on service projects
  • acquire leadership skills which will benefit the Church as well as local, national, and global communities
  • gain a new understanding of how important giving of their time and talents is
  • learn about volunteer opportunities available through IOCC’s US disaster response programming

“The week was amazing! The balance between seminars, spirituality, activities, and free time was fantastic.” — Serv-X-Treme alumnus

“Great week all around! I thought I was able to find others like me and grow closer to God.” — Serv-X-Treme alumnus

“The staff is so kind and helpful and funny. This week was filled with wonderful opportunities to learn, serve, and explore. I am very grateful.” — Serv-X-Treme alumnus

“Thank you! It was an amazing experience for our daughter! She learned so much about leadership and herself. She believes she has formed lifelong friendships.” — Parent of Serv-X-Treme alumnus

“Thank you for offering this program! The content is amazing. Giving our kids an opportunity to connect with others centered around an organization like IOCC is a great blessing.” — Parent of Serv-X-Treme alumnus


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