A Group of Women Changing Lives in Lebanon

May 13, 2024

Mona learned the importance of pre-natal care and is part of a women’s support group that is creating healthier futures for expectant mothers and children.

Promoting Maternal and Child Health through Education

In the Lebanese city of El Mina, where access to healthcare services and education is limited, a group of women have come together to create a support group dedicated to the health of expectant mothers and their children. Among them is Samia, a 32-year-old refugee, who has a compelling reason to help — she suffered a miscarriage due to a lack of support and reliable medical information.

Motivated by her own experience, Samia became a group leader for mothers in her neighborhood as part of an IOCC program. This initiative, funded by Diakonie ACT Austria and the Austrian Development Agency (ADA), trains women like Samia to teach mothers-to-be about the importance of prenatal vitamins, nutrition, and proper medical care. Samia’s first goal was to lead meetings that fostered a supportive environment. “Those sessions became a safe space for mothers to share their concerns, ask questions, and learn,” she said.

Mona, one of the mothers in Samia’s group, is grateful for the knowledge and support she has received. “I learned about the healthy diet of a pregnant woman and the variety of snacks she should eat to get adequate protein, carbohydrates, and different kinds of food,” she said. “Taking the required vitamins during pregnancy is [another] important point.”

“I really like the project,” Mona added, “and thank IOCC and the donors.”

This program is just one example of how your support helps IOCC work with local communities and partners to create healthier communities for both Lebanese families in need and many Syrian refugees.