Are You Ready for IOCC Sunday on 11/19?

November 16, 2023

Are you ready to celebrate IOCC Sunday with us on November 19? You’re invited to mark this special day—designated by the Assembly of Bishops to highlight humanitarian relief.

This is a chance to share IOCC’s work—a ministry that represents every Orthodox Christian in the United States today. As we all face continued challenges in a world full of uncertainty, IOCC’s mission of service continues. In a changing landscape, we strive to hold out the hope of Christ’s love to those in need.

Talk with your priest about celebrating IOCC’s mission in your parish, and consider participating in IOCC Sunday on November 19 by:

  • Asking your priest to read the IOCC Sunday encyclical on November 19
  • Downloading ready-to-print bulletin ads and more at
  • Setting up a table with IOCC news and materials.
  • Collecting donations for IOCC and returning your offerings by mail or online

Thank you for being part of IOCC’s mission to serve people in need!

P.S. Remember to check out IOCC’s Prayer Journal, which can be adapted for Sunday School lessons leading up to IOCC Sunday!