God Stands with Us

March 20, 2020

Doing the Gospel Is Not Comfortable

One of the most difficult things to face is rejection. This third Sunday of the Great Fast, we venerate the cosmic sign of rejection—the Cross of the Lord Jesus, the throne of the Crucified God. It is a reminder that when Christ calls us, He bids us come and die!

Jesus knew rejection throughout His life—no room at the inn, badgering from Pharisees, betrayal by a friend, and the aloneness of crucifixion. The Cross is not only about rejection; it is a sign of God’s ultimate vulnerability. Christ aligned Himself with the marginalized, the sinners, and the destitute. The Lord’s preaching cost Him. What does it cost us?

In reaching out to the broken and wounded, IOCC makes the point that doing the Christian Gospel is not about being comfortable, it is about being faithful; it is not about standing with those in worldly power, it is about giving real power to those who need it to survive.

Let us examine our lives closely. Are we in solidarity with Christ’s broken brothers and sisters? Do we see the Cross as the symbol of God standing with us in our suffering? Remember that God is not more powerful than He is in this incredible moment of humiliation. Can the same be said of us?

This week’s reflection is written by Rev. Fr. Dimitrios J. Antokas, Greek Orthodox Church of St. George in Bethesda, MD.

Icon courtesy of Fr. Matthew Garrett (holy-icons.com)