A Practical & Concrete Way to Serve

April 5, 2019

A Practical & Concrete Way to Serve

You offer the teachings of your God-given book, O wise John, most blessed, … for it is a ladder from the earth unto Heaven that confers glory on the souls that ascend it.—Kontakion of the Feast

Growing up, I was involved in every aspect of Church life—youth groups, choir, oratorical contests—but it wasn’t until I was 16 and attended an Orthodox summer camp in Greece that I felt a true connection to my faith. It was the first time I’d experienced Orthodoxy in a broader context, outside of my home parish. We venerated saints, visited magnificent cathedrals, and walked in the footsteps of the Apostles throughout Greece. I met faithful young adults from across the country who’d chosen to dedicate their life to the Church, living the faith as their profession, and it inspired me to explore that path for my future.

When I think about service, I think about making a deliberate choice to live out a vocation that not only serves the Church but also helps others in a world that seems overwhelmed by wars, famines, and natural disasters. IOCC’s mission gives me the opportunity to serve Christ and others in a practical and concrete way: even if it sometimes feels like a drop in the bucket, I know I’m making a difference.

This week’s staff reflection is written by Christina Meares, Manager of Outreach, Special Events, and Donor Engagement