Restoring Faith Through Simple Acts

March 15, 2019

Restoring Faith Through Simple Acts

We venerate Your most pure image, O Good One, and ask forgiveness of our transgressions, O Christ God.—Troparion of the Feast

Service to me means working for the Kingdom of God whenever and wherever I am needed. My role as a servant is ever changing, always challenging, and forever rewarding. Service at its best always points to God. So many times I have seen faith restored by simple acts of service for those who feel they’ve been forgotten, tossed away, or who’ve lost all hope.

Service can range from directing a group of volunteers preparing dinners for a homeless shelter, to visiting a prisoner in jail in order to encourage them in their new discovery of Christ, to bending down and helping an elderly person tie their shoes. Service comes in all shapes and sizes. One of my favorite modes of service is finding a neighbor or fellow parishioner in need and secretly leaving gifts for them of groceries, children’s clothing, or gift cards.

Having the opportunity to serve the Orthodox Church, its people, and those in crisis around the world by working at IOCC epitomizes one of the greatest blessings I could ever receive. My position with IOCC allows me to do my heart’s calling in my own small way.

This week’s staff reflection is written by Susanna Amend, our Donor Services Coordinator