Serbia: Simple Comforts Bring Joy

November 25, 2020

New pillows, blankets, mattress pads, and comforters will help Serbian families in need stay cozy in their homes this winter. Photo: Red Cross of Belgrade.
Families in Serbia received fresh, warm new bedding in a recent delivery of goods through IOCC’s gifts in kind program. Photo: Red Cross of Belgrade.

“I just received the package,” wrote a mother in Serbia whose family received warm new bedding through an IOCC collaboration with Good360, part of IOCC’s long-running gifts-in-kind programming.

Enough pillows, comforters, blankets, mattress pads, and bed linens to fill a 40-foot container were distributed by IOCC partner the Red Cross of Serbia to economically vulnerable families, hospitals and migrant’s centers in Central and Western Serbia. These items will help ensure that this winter – with health top of mind as the pandemic continues – these families can stay cozy and warm in their homes.

“Thank you very much. I am surprised and in shock,” continued the mother’s message. “This must have cost an arm and a leg. Thank you to the moon and back. The children are very happy … I don’t know what we did to deserve this, but your team deserves all our appreciation for showing unlimited kindness and respect.”