Steps to Stop Podo

January 24, 2018

As part of our comprehensive podoconiosis programming, IOCC recently wrapped up a distribution of 80,300 pairs of shoes to schoolchildren, combined with hygiene education and the formation of “Stop Podo” clubs in schools. Education is the first step toward preventing the disease, and cultivating enthusiasm about their new knowledge encourages the young people to become ambassadors in their families and communities for good health practices—simple steps like wearing shoes and washing with soap and water. In another project component, four 2,000-liter water reservoirs were installed to increase water access for podoconiosis patients at government health centers, part of a Katherine Valone St. Photini Water Fund activity. And as part of an ongoing training initiative, IOCC conducted a one-day review meeting of health professionals from three districts who are working to help prevent and treat podoconiosis.