Thank You For Supporting IOCC + Matching Challenge

December 30, 2021

As 2021 draws to a close, we wanted to take a moment to thank you for everything you’ve helped accomplish through IOCC. Below are just a few of the projects that are made possible through your generous support, spreading Christ’s love by caring for people in need around the world:

  • IOCC Foundation funding provided a greenhouse, seedlings, fertilizers, and technical assistance and expertise, as well as embroidery and knitting material for occupational therapy, for more than 180 residents of a care home for girls and young women with disabilities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • An ongoing partnership with the World Health Organization reached hundreds in Georgia with COVID-19 prevention training, including essential workers and leaders of various faith communities.
  • Equipment and training to 8 agricultural associations in Greece helped 164 farming families, while similar support for 20 microbusinesses helped over 85 families improve their incomes and quality of life.
  • In Gaza, 270 young adults completed vocational training at three community centers, preparing them for in-demand careers and improving their chances of earning sustainable incomes.
  • In Syria, IOCC provided psychosocial support to more than 17,375 people in need and their families to improve emotional well-being, equip them with positive coping strategies to protect and care for themselves and their families, and to enhance their resilience amid crisis.
  • In Montenegro, IOCC support is expanding a Church agricultural facility that in turn provides produce and income for an Orthodox Church humanitarian kitchen that serves over 450 cooked meals per day to people in great need.
  • More than 23,800 families of children enrolled in public schools throughout Lebanon received family food rations through school-feeding programs amid economic crisis and the pandemic.
  • Quilts, school kits, and hygiene kits reached over 9,000 people in Serbia, including migrants and refugees from the Middle East and COVID-19 patients.

All this is just a sample of what you’ve made possible this year. The work continues, and with a $10,000 match thanks to Frank and Anastasia Catrickes running now through midnight 12/31 ONLY, your support will have even more impact. Don’t miss this chance to continue sharing Christ’s love around the world as we look ahead to 2022.