US: A Guide in Any Storm

December 17, 2020

IOCC’s Care Calls and Care Compass programs were created to fill a gap that appeared as the COVID-19 pandemic took hold in the United States and across the world.

While emotional and spiritual care is a key component of IOCC’s disaster preparedness and response work in the US, safety concerns amid the pandemic limited IOCC Frontliners’ ability to do this work face to face. This new situation called for a creative response.

IOCC and its Frontliners developed the digital tools that make up Care Calls and Care Compass, available to the public. Both offer new ways for users to support each other in crisis and to cultivate resilience that will serve individuals and communities as they face any future challenge. Digitizing tools for emotional and spiritual care has allowed a scaling up of these services as individuals are equipped for wellness and outreach.

A few statistics on the campaign demonstrate how well received these tools have been. Since launching, Care Compass and Care Calls have earned over 26,200 page views on IOCC’s website and more than 12,500 unique visitors. In addition, analytics show that these resources are serving as starting points for visitors, who come to IOCC’s website through those campaigns and then go on to explore the rest of the site. The Care Calls videos have likewise proved engaging: they have completion rates of 22%–50%, with three of the five videos reaching more than 40% (the standard target for clips over two minutes is 15%).

Together, we’re building resilience for the future.