US Response: Match Extended – There’s still time!

October 7, 2021

IOCC teams are on the ground in Louisiana, helping communities in the wake of Hurricane Ida. Working with long-time partner NECHAMA, we’re helping families clear their homes and property after the storm. (Photo: NECHAMA).

Don’t Miss It: Match Ends 10/8

In the weeks following Hurricane Ida, IOCC has been hard at work in Louisiana helping residents deal with the storm’s aftermath.

Thanks to a generous donation from the Behrakis Family Foundation, your gift today supporting this work will be doubled—matched, dollar for dollar, up to $5,000.

Help keep the momentum going with a gift to IOCC’s US Emergency Response Fund. Here’s what’s happening now:

  • An IOCC team is on the ground mucking and gutting damaged homes, removing debris, and clearing fallen trees.
  • IOCC Frontliners are providing emotional and spiritual care to homeowners and are in touch with local Orthodox parishes.
  • IOCC is coordinating closely with long-time partner NECHAMA Jewish Response to Disaster and the Louisiana coalition of Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster.

Recovery is a long process, and right now IOCC’s work is set to continue for the next two months. Please consider a gift today that will help our US neighbors in need.

PS – Thanks to you, IOCC can respond quickly and effectively when disaster strikes. Your gift to the US Emergency Response Fund helps make this happen. Please give before October 8 to have your donation matched!