You can create a ripple effect in 2023

January 10, 2023

IOCC programs in Greece create economic opportunity for local businesses, like the traditional pasta producer shown here, while also encouraging them to give back within their own communities. (Photo: IOCC/K. Tsakalidis)

Improving Production and Communities

The new year is the time for a fresh start—bringing with it an opportunity to reflect and resolve to make changes for the better. Often when we combine our resolutions with the hard work required to keep them, there is a ripple effect that improves the lives of those around us. This is what happened for Tassos, in Greece.*

Tassos runs a business that produces pasta. Through a long-running IOCC program that helps microbusinesses and social enterprises grow their production and incomes, he received a pasta-drying machine which increased production significantly. He shared, “This is the first … time that someone helps us for free and donates something that valuable for our development. God bless you.”

While a new machine can mean a fresh start for a small business, IOCC’s program also offers support like business mentoring to help further ensure growth. Adding to that impact, every participating business pledges to “give back” some of their increasing profits to a local community organization.

As we prepare for the year ahead, please remember people like Tassos and consider helping to create the ripple effect by putting your faith into action. Thank you and have a blessed New Year.