Another Story of Hope

December 30, 2020

Growing to Self-Sufficiency

Sometimes life as we know it can change quickly — a devastating storm, wildfire, or in this case war. What caused our life to change isn’t as important as how we react to it and how we rebuild. This Story of Hope demonstrates the resilience of those we serve when life takes an unexpected turn.

Before the Balkan wars, Miroslav, his wife, and children lived with his parents on their farm in Bosnia’s Una River valley. They worked in a metal factory to provide for their family. After the war, they were unable to find salaried employment. Miroslav began farming full time to support his family.

When I met him, Miroslav had a new 3,200 square-foot greenhouse from IOCC, where he was growing seedlings in the rich valley soil. In time, he did so well that the family added a second greenhouse to grow flowers.

Thanks to your generosity, today, Miroslav also produces and sells rakia, a brandy made from pears and plums — a clear example of how the right kind of help has lasting impacts.

Please consider making a lasting impact again with a gift today.

With love in Christ,

Constantine M. Triantafilou
Executive Director & CEO


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