Church Greenhouses Feed & Inspire

September 5, 2019

Growing up in a rural part of the country of Georgia, Roman began working to support his family when he was just 11.

Realizing he wasn’t making enough in the city, Roman returned to his village, where he and a friend rented an old greenhouse to farm in.

While the greenhouse provided a great start for Roman and his friend, it often needed repairs.

When IOCC started building new plastic greenhouses with the local Orthodox diocese, Roman got a job helping with construction. After learning their methods, Roman realized this kind of greenhouse was exactly what he needed.

Purchasing supplies, Roman worked with IOCC staff to shape the pipes for the new frame, and soon built his own brand-new plastic greenhouse. Roman prepared the soil and planted tomatoes.

“This easy, cost-effective, and strong construction … will improve the farmers’ lifestyle,” Roman told IOCC staff. He believes that IOCC’s model greenhouses will inspire others as they inspired him. Low-cost greenhouses in this area can help local farmers earn a better living—this, said Roman, “is the real help to the rural community.”

Your gift to IOCC can help people like Roman around the world.