Creating Hope in Bosnia and Herzegovina

June 25, 2022

Lasting Change through Economic Aid

While IOCC’s work in the Balkans began amid the conflicts of the 1990s that have long since ended, our commitment to helping these communities remains. With a focus on economic recovery, IOCC’s microloan program in Bosnia and Herzegovina helps families and small businesses build their incomes. Since 2002, IOCC has helped more than 11,000 families make their business goals a reality, become self-sufficient, and even create jobs in their local communities.

With a repayment rate of over 99%, IOCC’s microloan program is helping artisans, farmers, and small-business owners build the future they envision. And today, you can help bring long-term change to more people than ever.

Put your faith in action this summer, and join us in making a lasting impact for those in need at

P.S. Check out our latest video on the work you’ve made possible here!