Help IOCC Respond to COVID with Compassion

May 28, 2020

Will You Call Someone Today?

Christ is Risen!

As we begin to transition into a new phase of this pandemic, it could be easy to drown in thoughts of fear and anxiety.

So, these days, I find myself feeling particularly grateful to God and for my faith.

You see, we are all in the same storm but not all in the same boat. Some of us have sturdy boats that will emerge feeling practically unscathed. But some of us were already navigating the waters of life in a flimsy boat that will be battered by this persistently bad weather.

How can we strengthen our own boats and help others? We remember that our faith is what gives our lives meaning, and so we can find meaning in everything—including suffering.

Turbulence like the storm we are in right now does not necessarily have to injure us. Adversity like this can also build resilience in us: the kind of resilience that makes us able to emerge stronger from loss.

We gathered a group of experts from different disciplines to create a series of tools that can strengthen or repair all our boats during this storm.

The IOCC Care Calls tool is as simple as it is effective. Will you join me in using it today?

With a series of easy, quick prompts, anyone can call someone else to check in. The result? Self-help, connection, and resilience. This is the kind of interaction we need right now. Using our tool will make all of us more present, stronger, and connected.

Together, we will weather this storm.

Will you Care Call someone today?

Constantine M. Triantafilou
Executive Director & CEO