Help Someone Today

June 9, 2020

Will You Call Someone Today?

We may be feeling uncertain about what is going to happen next in the current health crisis.

Yet, we have to make a number of decisions with potentially serious repercussions. What risks do we take now? How do we rebuild? What will happen to the next generation? You can start by reaching out and asking someone you love if they need help. Will you Care Call someone today?

At IOCC, we have spent over 25 years serving people who have had to ask themselves the same questions we face now, all while in the midst of wars, disasters, and devastating economic downturns.

Every situation is different, but there is one remarkable similarity. Individuals and communities that survive and thrive have found ways to make themselves resilient. They understand that difficulties do not automatically represent injury. On the contrary, difficult experiences can build lifelong resilience.

Yes, everyone will face different kinds of challenges during this pandemic. But we can emerge stronger.

Will you spend 10 minutes today helping me help others develop the kind of resilience they need to thrive?

A group of experts from different disciplines created the “IOCC Care Calls” tool.

This tool is as simple as it is effective. Will you join me in using it today?

With a series of easy, quick prompts, anyone can call someone else to check in. The result? Self-help, connection, and resilience. This is the kind of interaction we need right now. Using our tool will make all of us more present, stronger, and connected.

We are all part of the Body of Christ. We are bonded by faith and love. And, together, we will weather this storm.

Will you Care Call someone today?


Constantine M. Triantafilou
Executive Director & CEO