Jordan: Fostering Inclusion for Children with Disabilities

January 21, 2022

In Jordan’s Azraq Camp, IOCC is helping organize recreational activities like soccer for children with impairments and disabilities, fostering their inclusion in the camp community.

As part of IOCC’s work supporting people with disabilities in Jordan, we recently completed the first of multiple planned activities with La Liga Foundation in Azraq Camp. Through its years-long presence in Azraq, IOCC has focused on helping people with visual and hearing impairments and disabilities get the diagnoses and care that they need.

This new initiative takes a different but complementary approach, with IOCC and La Liga partnering to get children with disabilities more involved in recreational activities in the camp, such as soccer. Particularly amid COVID-19, opportunities for fun activities like these have been limited—though they are vitally important for mental and physical health, especially among children. The goal is to help children with impairments and disabilities find an integrated, inclusive place in the camp community and to provide a safe, fun outlet for children.