Jordan: Keeping Up the Momentum

June 26, 2020

A specialist explains in a video how caregivers can walk their children through a sorting exercise, part of the specialized therapy IOCC is offering in Jordan.

To help keep everyone safe as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, IOCC Jordan has moved a number of its special education and similar rehabilitation sessions to a remote format.

Rehabilitation sessions help children and adults with disabilities who may need help recovering after an injury or learning everyday skills to fully participate in home and community life. These sessions—speech therapy, occupational therapy, special education, and so on—usually take place in person, but face-to-face meetings were impossible under lockdown and impractical even as restrictions loosened.

To keep up the momentum of this program—funded by a grant from the US Department of State—IOCC and its partner in Jordan have had specialists work with parents and caregivers to provide remote sessions for the children. Specialists record a video walking caregivers through an exercise, advising them on techniques and approaches (like praising the child, gradually increasing the task’s difficulty, and using objects readily available at home). Caregivers then work with the children, record their session, and return the video to the specialist for feedback.

Creative approaches like this are ensuring that beneficiaries continue to have their needs met, even through a difficult time.