Make An Investment Today

April 25, 2018

We appreciate your faithfulness as a donor and someone who understands the important difference you make in people’s lives.

That’s why we’re inviting you to join a select group of supporters who help sustain the life-saving work of IOCC.

Becoming a Partner in Compassion is an effective way to live your faith while playing a crucial role in helping us fulfill our mission. Your generosity helps ensure that in the spirit of Christ’s love, we can respond quickly as emergencies arise and people are in need.

Your monthly support can provide:

  • emergency shelter
  • job training
  • clean and accessible drinking water
  • disaster relief
  • support for refugees

Sustaining change requires sustained efforts. Your monthly gift will make an incredible difference.

Give $12 Monthly: Your monthly gift of $12 can help educate an individual about the cause and prevention of podoconiosis, and help those affected regain their dignity.

Give $30 Monthly: You monthly gift of $30 can provide an hour of computer-coding education to Greek and refugee students in Greece.

Give $60 Monthly: Your monthly gift of $60 can purchase glasses that improve the quality of life for a visually impaired Syrian refugee child in Jordan or a Jordanian child.