Preparing Takes Work

September 19, 2023

With your help, IOCC can serve more people when times of need arrive, including right here in the US. (Photo by Robert Kaufman, Federal Emergency Management Agency/ Hurricane Idalia damage in Horseshoe Beach, Florida.)

US Neighbors Need Your Help

When emergencies hit, there’s often no time to plan. That’s why at IOCC, we prepare for the unexpected. Then, when disaster strikes, we’re ready to help where it’s needed most.

That’s true around the world and right here in the US.

IOCC’s US Program focuses on disaster preparedness, response, and recovery. Through Homefront training for parishes, emotional and spiritual care from our Frontliners, and Action Team volunteers who serve in emergency response and long-term recovery efforts, IOCC is laying the groundwork for resilience in the face of disaster.

Because of you, IOCC can do the work to prepare. And with your help, we can serve more people when times of need arrive. Help us stay ready before the next emergency hits.

PS—Have you seen IOCC’s resources to help you and your family create a disaster-prep plan?