Disasters Happen. Prepare Today.

August 19, 2022

We can’t control disasters, but we can plan for them. Talk about “what if” with your family, household, neighbors, and parish. Your loved ones may not be together when disaster strikes, so learn what types of emergencies could affect your area, and plan how you’ll contact one another and reconnect.

Start today with the steps and helpful templates below.

Make a Plan

Plan for what your family or parish will do in an emergency. Think about emergency warnings, shelter, evacuation routes, and communication. Create an emergency communication plan, and print paper copies for family members to carry with them. Go over the plan together, and practice! Parishes can let parishioners know what kind of support they can offer in an emergency, like shelter and supplies. Download our template and create your family’s emergency communication plan.

Make a Home Emergency Kit

Be prepared to improvise and use only what you have on hand for at least three days. Think about basics like water, food, and clothing, and consider your family’s specific needs, including medications or medical equipment, and any pets you have. Remember to make sure everyone knows exactly where in the house the kit is stored! Download our checklist and start your kit today.

Stay Informed

Make sure your phone gets emergency alerts, and in the US, add a NOAA Weather Radio to your emergency kit. Visit www.ready.gov for more ways to stay connected in an emergency.

Get Involved

After you and your family have a plan in place, take the next step. Work with your community and parish to help more people prepare. Check out the Orthodox Homefront, a network of Orthodox parishes that have undertaken disaster preparedness planning so they can help avert disasters and effectively respond when disasters arise.

Want to do even more? Sign up to volunteer with IOCC’s US Program after the next natural disaster. Help clean up homes and communities, rebuild houses, and more.

There’s no substitute for being prepared. Take time today to give yourself, your loved ones, and your community peace of mind, knowing that in an emergency, you have a plan.