Ukraine: Equipping Shelters with Basics

October 14, 2022

Volunteers move a new refrigerator that will be delivered to a shelter for Ukrainians displaced by the conflict. Photo: Transcarpathia Diocese.

Last month, IOCC worked with an Orthodox diocese in Ukraine to provide household appliances to shelters and community organizations that are supporting people displaced by the conflict.

IOCC and the Church provided household appliances including refrigerators, washing machines, and heaters to shelters where displaced Ukrainians are staying. Photo: Transcarpathia Diocese.

The project delivered dozens of refrigerators, washing machines, heaters, and boilers across six areas. Having these appliances in place will allow shelters to better accommodate displaced Ukrainians by ensuring their basic needs can be met. The amenities also support a healthful, safe environment in the shelters for those who have left home seeking safety.