Ukraine Response: One Year Later

February 24, 2023

This displaced mother and child received basics like food and hygiene supplies, as well as other practical assistance for people fleeing conflict, from an IOCC-supported distribution and information center in Ukraine. (Photo: Eleos)

Finding Hope amid Conflict

“We lived with the conflict for three months,” said Nataliya, a Ukrainian mother.* “We all hoped that the situation would improve. But nothing changed.” Eventually, she took her young daughter and fled to safety, leaving behind their home and all that goes with it.

Nataliya found practical support, including emergency supplies and a medical checkup, at an IOCC-supported shelter. Staff also helped her get her daughter into a nearby secondary school and helped Nataliya find a full-time job in a small food-processing company.

Thanks to your compassion and generosity, IOCC has been helping people affected by the conflict in Ukraine for the last year—both people displaced in their own country and those who fled as refugees to Poland and Romania.

As we pass one year since conflict began, the needs remain tremendous. Please continue praying for everyone affected, and—as you can—consider supporting IOCC’s Ukraine response with a financial gift that will serve more people like Nataliya and her daughter. Thank you.