Ukraine Response: Report from the Field

March 9, 2022

IOCC and partner staff, plus local volunteers, at a refugee-reception center in Romania. Photo: Federation Filantropia.

Latest on the Ground

IOCC has humanitarian teams across the region serving people affected by the tragedy unfolding in Ukraine. Hand in hand with local partners, our staff are reaching those whose lives have been uprooted by the catastrophic events of recent weeks. They’re …

  • Visiting reception sites that are receiving Ukrainian refugees
  • Delivering emergency supplies to welcome centers in neighboring countries
  • Preparing shipments of basics like food, water, hygiene items, and more for transport into Ukraine and delivery to people in need

IOCC anticipates active response to this humanitarian calamity for the foreseeable future—and your generous gifts will help us do exactly that. That’s why we set a goal of raising $1 million in private donations—and because of you, we’re already over $600,000. What’s more, an anonymous donor will match the next $10,000 we raise to help us reach $1 million even faster.

As you are able, please support this work with a financial gift to IOCC’s Ukraine Response Fund. Most of all, we ask for your prayers as we seek to fulfill Christ’s call to service in times of incredible need. Thank you.