Will you respond to the Ukraine crisis?

March 2, 2022

Please continue praying for everyone affected by the crisis in Ukraine, and for the teams who are serving them on the ground.

Partners in Response

With long-standing relationships in the region, including in Romania and Moldova, IOCC has mobilized to serve people affected by the crisis in Ukraine.

As refugees flee Ukraine—mostly elderly persons, people with disabilities, and women with infants and young children—and enter neighboring countries, IOCC is working with local partners to make sure their needs are met.

While word on the ground in Romania and Moldova is that even the most basic items—like food, water, and milk products—are in short supply in shops, IOCC and its partners there are purchasing items in bulk and distributing them to people in need.

You can support our work today, and together we can help Ukrainians who have fled receive necessities.