Equipping Youth to Shape Healthy Communities

March 30, 2022

IOCC programs in Ethiopia provide schoolchildren like Netuh with the resources to fight disease in their own communities.

Reaching Rural Areas Through Community Partnerships

Netuh, an 8th-grader living in rural Ethiopia, always wondered why some members of her community experienced swollen legs and feet, as well as frequent pain and fever. When an IOCC project came to her community, Netuh learned that these symptoms were caused by podoconiosis, a disease acquired from long-term barefoot exposure to the soil in her area.

Now equipped with the knowledge to treat and prevent “podo,” Netuh has joined the IOCC-initiated Stop NTD (Neglected Tropical Disease) club at her school to help fight podo across her community. With trained teachers and other members of the Stop NTD club, Netuh now educates the school community on disease prevention and how they can help their families still afflicted by podo.

Community engagement projects like these survive long past IOCC’s involvement and create a path to sustainable and healthy communities. And this Lent, you can invest in lasting change through IOCC.