South Sudan: Delivering Vital Medical Supplies

November 22, 2023

Deliveries of medical supplies are crucial to clinics operating in rural, isolated areas that are often hard to reach by road, especially in bad weather.

For years, gifts in kind—or donations of items—have played an important role in IOCC’s humanitarian service. Large deliveries of goods like mattresses, emergency kits, school supplies, blankets, and more both in the US and around the world meet the practical human needs of people facing crisis.

IOCC’s recent delivery to South Sudan included surgical supplies like gowns, gloves, and masks, equipping health professionals to do their work safely and protecting patients’ health.

IOCC recently delivered two shipping containers of essential medical supplies to a partner in South Sudan. Items like prenatal vitamins, baby blankets, surgical gowns, gloves, masks, and more reached over a dozen clinics and health-focused organizations serving some of the most vulnerable and remote communities in South Sudan.

Pallets of supplies are prepared for transport from a central warehouse to their final destinations at clinics across some of South Sudan’s most in-need areas.

Shipments of medical supplies have long been a staple of IOCC’s gifts-in-kind program. Over the years, IOCC has provided similar shipments to Armenia, Greece, and Kenya, to name just a few. These essentials help ensure that partners and other service organizations around the world have what they need to care for patients, often in places that, like South Sudan, are facing tremendous hardship or crisis.

IOCC is grateful to have a network of partners that allows us to serve more people in need through this important program.