Ukraine: Baskets of Basics Offer Hope

May 16, 2022

IOCC partnered with dioceses in Ukraine to distribute food parcels—Easter “baskets”—to displaced people during Orthodox Holy Week.

“We were presented with a wonderful Easter basket from your organization. It was unexpected. … I want to thank you for such a wonderful gift for Easter!”

These are the words of a displaced young woman from Ukraine—let’s call her Ana—who received an Easter parcel from IOCC during Orthodox Holy Week. Ana, a student, took time to email IOCC’s general inbox with her thanks. She and her family had fled to a new city seeking safety; members of her home parish were also scattered. Amid the chaos her family hadn’t had time to put together an Easter basket and hadn’t expected they’d be able to keep the Slavic tradition this year of taking a basket of food to church for a blessing during Holy Week.

As millions face tremendous loss and tragedy, IOCC worked with Orthodox parishes in Ukraine to distribute food parcels to families displaced by the devastating conflict. The bags contained a small Easter cake, eggs, sausage, cheese, and a bottle of sunflower oil—basic items to provide essential nourishment and perhaps also a bit of hope. Thousands of displaced families in Ukraine received the parcels as they marked the feast of Christ’s Resurrection amid terrible circumstances.

IOCC’s regional response to the Ukraine crisis continues addressing urgent needs while also building for long-term support across the region. IOCC is working not only in Ukraine but also in Poland and Romania, serving both Ukrainian refugees and the families and organizations hosting them.