US: Award-Winning Service

September 15, 2019

IOCC’s partner presented this home build team with a certificate of appreciation, recognizing their quick, high-quality work getting this house ready for move-in day.

It’s been two years since Hurricane Irma lumbered north along almost all of Florida, and communities there are still rebuilding.

Volunteers with IOCC’s disaster response teams have been working in Daytona Beach since October 2017, offering enthusiastic helping hands in the long road to recovery—doing what needs to be done to get families back into their homes.

Inside and out, an IOCC home build team helps get houses ready for families
to move back home after disaster.

In August 2019, one of these teams deployed to finish up a house damaged by Irma. The homeowners, a young couple and their small child, had been unable to live in their home for several weeks. The IOCC build team, made up of four Serv-X-treme alumni, an IOCC Frontliner, and a trained team lead, were tasked with finishing up the house. They met that goal—in fact, they completed all the work a full day ahead of schedule!

Painting, trimming, laying floor, cutting trim—all in a day’s work for an IOCC home build team on a mission.

IOCC’s partner on the build, Volusia Interfaiths/Agencies Networking in Disaster was so pleased with the group’s speedy, high-caliber work that they presented them with a certificate of appreciation. Not only did this team get to see the final result of their work, but they even got to start moving the homeowner’s things back into the house.

Volunteers make this kind of response possible here in the United States. Check out upcoming build opportunities at