News & Needs

News & Needs Summer 2020

  • Growing Self-Sufficiency in Georgia
  • IOCC Foundation Funds Creative Projects in Challenging Times
  • IOCC Events Go Virtual, Meet Success

News & Needs Spring 2020

  • Weathering the Storm Together
  • Self-Care During Quarantine
  • A Good Night’s Sleep, Delivered
  • Kosovo Monastery Producing Grain, Looking Ahead

News & Needs Winter 2020

  • A Chance for a Healthy Childhood
  • Fighting Stigma by Investing in Girls
  • In Bahamas, Serving after the Storm

News & Needs Fall 2019

  • Envisioning a Stronger Economic Future in Greece
  • Clinics in Ethiopia Combat Neglected Disease
  • Fresh Confidence through Expert Care

News & Needs Summer 2019

  • The Work Doesn’t Stop
  • Women Beekeepers in Albania Tackle Challenges Together
  • Five Million School Snacks Support Nutrition, Education

News & Needs Special Antiochian Convention Edition Summer 2019

  • Building Community, Providing Meals and Income
  • Small Steps toward Better Health in Gaza
  • The Long Road after Disaster
  • Rebuilding Lives and Livelihoods in Syria

News & Needs Spring 2019

  • Simple Gifts, Determination Drive Success in Armenia
  • Upgraded School Fosters Motivation, Ambition
  • High-Tech Training Offers Path Forward

News & Needs Winter 2019

  • Microloans Yield Macro Results
  • Networking Gets New Meaning in Amman
  • Community Leaders Train for Water Management in Rural Uganda
  • Supporting Better Health and Nutrition

News & Needs Fall 2018

  • Greece Fire Response Offers Hope Amid Ashes
  • Back to School in a New Place
  • Diaconia: Faith in Action

News & Needs Summer 2018

  • Rebuilding Lives and Livelihoods in Syria
  • Local Milk on Demand
  • Seeing Long-Term Impact
  • Equipping Beekeepers for Bigger Business