Category: Jerusalem, West Bank & Gaza

Meet Celia & See Your Impact in Gaza

When conflict erupted last fall, Celia’s family fled their home to seek shelter at St. Porphyrios Greek Orthodox Church in Gaza

Meeting Urgent Needs in Gaza

IOCC is providing aid including medicine, hygiene items, water, and food to people displaced by the conflict in the Holy Land.

Gaza: Specialized Support for Children

IOCC’s psychosocial support sessions helped Zain master his emotions and learn to interact in positive ways with his friends and family.

Gaza: Sharing Warmth at Christmas

Hundreds of schoolchildren and their families attended a Christmas celebration in December and received winter bedding from IOCC.

Gaza: The Strength to Play

An IOCC program now in its third year is combatting malnutrition through screening for kids and training for parents and caregivers across underserved Gaza neighborhoods.

Helping Families Flourish

IOCC programming in Gaza is helping families in need improve their children’s nutrition, giving them the strong start all children deserve.

“My Dream Is Coming True”

Can you imagine putting in the effort to get your bachelor's degree only to have a difficult time finding work post-graduation?

Saving Eyes, Saving Lives

Living conditions in Gaza are difficult, especially when it comes to accessing basic services like healthcare and education. To help combat this and ...

Gaza: Boosting Health Means a Brighter Future

When children don’t get the nutrition they need, it can seriously affect their development. And in Gaza, where jobs and incomes are limited, families often struggle to provide enough ...