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Meeting the Humanitarian Crisis in Ukraine

The humanitarian crisis in Ukraine has been—and will continue to be—a crucial focus. Strong local partnerships and experience in crisis management have allowed IOCC to respond quickly.

Responding in Ukraine

Watch our latest video for a glimpse of your faith in action in Ukraine as IOCC responds to tremendous human needs amid terrible crisis.

Ukraine: Baskets of Basics Offer Hope

IOCC partnered with dioceses in Ukraine to distribute food parcels—Easter “baskets”—to displaced people during Orthodox Holy Week.

ICYMI – Hand-Painted Icon Auction

Our nationwide auction features hand-painted original icons of Saints Boris and Gleb, the Crucifixion of Christ, Christ the Good Shepherd, Mother of God (Theotokos), and an Icon of Christ.

Sneak Preview: Icon Auction for Ukraine Crisis

IOCC is hosting a nationwide virtual auction to support our response to the Ukraine Crisis. The auction features hand-made icons kindly donated by iconographer Jack Pachuta.

Ukraine Response: Your Gifts at Work

As millions displaced from their homes seek safety across Ukraine and in neighboring countries, IOCC’s response is only just beginning.

Ukraine Response: A Note from the Field

Fr. Igor, a Romanian parish priest, has been working at his country’s border with Ukraine, organizing services for refugees as they arrive.

Last chance: Virtual auction closes in 6 hours

We’re in the final hours of our online auction to benefit IOCC’s Ukraine Crisis Response — don’t miss your chance to bid on these custom blue and yellow Ukraine-themed shoes.