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Responding in Ukraine

Watch our latest video for a glimpse of your faith in action in Ukraine as IOCC responds to tremendous human needs amid terrible crisis.

Ukraine: Baskets of Basics Offer Hope

IOCC partnered with dioceses in Ukraine to distribute food parcels—Easter “baskets”—to displaced people during Orthodox Holy Week.

ICYMI – Hand-Painted Icon Auction

Our nationwide auction features hand-painted original icons of Saints Boris and Gleb, the Crucifixion of Christ, Christ the Good Shepherd, Mother of God (Theotokos), and an Icon of Christ.

Sneak Preview: Icon Auction for Ukraine Crisis

IOCC is hosting a nationwide virtual auction to support our response to the Ukraine Crisis. The auction features hand-made icons kindly donated by iconographer Jack Pachuta.

Ukraine Response: Your Gifts at Work

As millions displaced from their homes seek safety across Ukraine and in neighboring countries, IOCC’s response is only just beginning.

Ukraine Response: A Note from the Field

Fr. Igor, a Romanian parish priest, has been working at his country’s border with Ukraine, organizing services for refugees as they arrive.

Last chance: Virtual auction closes in 6 hours

We’re in the final hours of our online auction to benefit IOCC’s Ukraine Crisis Response — don’t miss your chance to bid on these custom blue and yellow Ukraine-themed shoes.

Ukraine Response: Field Update

IOCC is working to reach people whose homes, lives, and communities have been devastated by this tragedy.