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Ukraine Response: One Year Later

IOCC has been helping people affected by the conflict in Ukraine for the last year—both people displaced in their own country and those who fled as refugees.

Ukraine: Resources, Connection Ease Displacement

An IOCC-supported resource center in Ukraine is helping thousands of people who have fled conflict and need help to provide for themselves and their families in a new city.

Ukraine Relief Update

IOCC programs are expanding to meet the needs of the people of Ukraine as they face harsh winter weather.

Ukraine: Equipping Shelters with Basics

Last month, IOCC worked with an Orthodox diocese in Ukraine to provide household appliances to shelters and community organizations that are supporting people displaced by the conflict.

The Story of Marta

Marta is one of millions of Ukrainians who have sought safety in neighboring countries. IOCC is helping those who have arrived in Romania and Poland, while also providing aid in Ukraine itself.

Georgia: Serving Ukrainian Refugees

The program is assisting about 1,000 Ukrainian refugees with supermarket vouchers, especially pregnant women, single mothers, families with young children, people with disabilities, and people over 60.

Ukraine Crisis Response

Get a glimpse of your faith in action as IOCC responds to the growing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and across the region.

Ukraine Relief Update

IOCC programs are providing humanitarian aid to people still in Ukraine as well as to families and institutions helping refugees in Poland and Romania.

Meeting the Humanitarian Crisis in Ukraine

The humanitarian crisis in Ukraine has been—and will continue to be—a crucial focus. Strong local partnerships and experience in crisis management have allowed IOCC to respond quickly.