IOCC's Hurricane Response

IOCC works with local Orthodox churches, members of national and state VOADs (Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster), and ecumenical partners to assess needs and offer relief.

IOCC’s US Hurricane Response

Part of IOCC’s US programming is disaster preparedness and response right here in the United States. When a natural or human-caused disaster threatens and affects a community, IOCC connects with partners, conducts rapid needs assessments, and determines the most effective response.

IOCC works with local Orthodox churches, members of national and state VOADs (Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster), and ecumenical partners to meet immediate needs and support long-term recovery.

How We Help

Emotional and Spiritual Care: IOCC Frontliners are trained to support people facing trauma and working toward healing.

Emergency Action Teams: Led by trained leaders and supported by two IOCC emergency response vehicles, emergency volunteers help clean up homes after floods, hurricanes, and more.

Emergency Items: IOCC’s gifts-in-kind program can supply various items, depending on needs—from food and baby products to roof tarps, hygiene kits, and generators.

Clean-Up Buckets: Part of IOCC’s kit partnership, these buckets give people a way to start clearing water-damaged homes of muck and debris, the first step toward recovery

Financial Assistance for Families: Depending on needs in a given situation, IOCC may provide families with funding to help them address their needs.

Long-Term Recovery: IOCC home-build teams dedicate a week to helping families rebuild their homes—meeting needs that remain months or even years after a disaster has passed.

Past Response

From initial clean-up, to months of mucking out homes and clearing debris, and finally to beginning to rebuild, IOCC is committed to stay and help those affected recover.

IOCC is on the ground conducting assessments and cleanup operations. In addition, IOCC deployed part of our Frontliner team to offer emotional and spiritual care.

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How Can You Help?

  1. Pray for those affected by storms and for IOCC staff supporting people in tremendous need.
  2. Make a financial gift to IOCC’s US program, which focuses on emergency preparedness and response. This helps us act quickly and effectively as needs arise. Please do not donate material goods unless it is something we have specifically requested, like clean-up buckets.
  3. Create clean-up buckets. There’s always a need for clean-up buckets, so please consider putting some together and shipping them to our warehouse for distribution. Click here for instructions.
  4. Volunteers are needed periodically for Emergency Action Teams. Those interested can read more and apply here.
  5. Stay updated on IOCC’s response at and on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram

IOCC has been listed by multiple media channels, including the Associated Press (AP), USA Today, and Charity Navigator as a trusted organization responding after hurricanes in the US.