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A Father’s Personal Triumph

Back in Syria, Mohammad—a father of seven—worked as a mechanic. He had completed a bachelor’s degree and held a good job. But when conflict broke out in Syria ...

Seeing Long-Term Impact

IOCC met Samirawit in 2013, when she was 10 and living with her grandmother in Debre Markos. She received her first pair of shoes through an IOCC project to raise awareness ...

New Hope for Amele

When Amele was 16, she noticed that her feet began swelling. The skin on her legs and feet started to itch and crack, and though she thought it would stop eventually, it didn’t. Her family ...

Have Fun While Making a Difference

Is there anything better than knowing you've rallied your community to help others? DIY for IOCC takes the power of your social networks to make a lasting, positive change in others' lives.

We Met Our Match

In October 2017, IOCC announced a $1 million matching challenge for projects in Greece—a gift from the Jaharis Family Foundation, Inc. The foundation challenged IOCC ...
Students excited to see new school building

Dreaming Big in Rural Uganda

Meet 5 students from the Lwemiyaga school in Uganda who are dreaming big because of your support.

Make An Investment Today

We're inviting you to join a select group of supporters who help sustain the life-saving work of IOCC. Becoming a Partner in Compassion ...

Greece: Local Milk On Demand

Fresh milk straight from the farm, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That's the idea behind Apo Proto Cheri, or Firsthand

IOCC/OCF Real Break Homebuild

The seventh annual IOCC/OCF Real Break took place March 12–17 in the New Orleans area. Ten college students from across the US ...